Commercial & Security Printing

The Commercial and Security Printing Department accounts for all pre-press, press and post-press processes.This department is responsible for all the processes involved in transferring ideas and works of art onto paper.


The Publishing Department is the newest addition to the ever-growing Buck Press brand. Buck Press is a publishing and publishing services provider that seeks to publish exciting, relevant and enduring authors. Buck Press Publishing aims to produce books with a unique and engaging voice that inspire, educate, instruct and entertain readers. The mission of Buck Press Publishing is to contribute significantly to the cultural life of our society and enrich our literary heritage by producing books that demonstrate imaginative thinking, and capture the Ghanaian/African voice. Contact us on 0577669269/0577700265 or email us on


BioRAP is an acronym for Biometric Record Acquisition and Personalisation. Buck Press Ltd established the BioRAP department to design, develop, implement, support and maintain Biometric details acquisition and personalization systems. The BioRAP department developed an in house complete suite of software called the BioRAP suite for complete data acquisition, official vetting, AFIS checking, personalisation and quality control. This department currently supports and maintains the Biometric Passport systems for Ghana and Liberia.